Thomas Schindler

becoming me is an experiment

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die wolken bieten heute
nur ganz wenig halt
und naeher an den sternen ist
es nicht ganz so kalt
je hoeher wir sind, desto
spaeter sind wir alt

… wir wetten auf das leben
und fliegen mit den sternen
wir wetten auf die liebe
und fliegen mit dem leben um die wette

die sterne lachen laut denn
sie wollen leben
(und) wir sind jetzt hier oben, um es
ihnen zu geben
wir zuenden eine sonne an
und dann noch die daneben

… wir wetten auf das leben
und fliegen mit den sternen
wir wetten auf die liebe
und wir, wir fliegen mit dem leben um die wette

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Seite 1 - der neue Tag ist da
Seite 2 - was auch immer da geschah
Seite 3 - das Maedchen und die Kamera
Seite 4 - alle Gedanken enden hier

Dein Buch, das liegt hier offen
und mir - bleibt nur zu hoffen,
dass Du es bist, die es schreibt.

Seite 5 - …

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von aussen
sind keine der
narben zu sehen
du bist so schoen

das fest ist
noch nicht vorbei
du musst gehen
hast blut im schuh

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du antwortest in fragen
zu schwer um sie zu sagen
aber man kann sie fuehlen, sagst du

die gefuhle, die wir wagen
zu schwer um sie zu tragen
aber man kann sie sehn, sagst du

man kann sie sehn.

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Round Three

The second year has passed and i still like this experiment, so there will be a third year.

But after two years of prose i need a new challenge. Round three will be written as rhymes, poetry if you will. Not that i think i’m any good at it, but i want to give it a try and see what comes out. ;-}

After two years of thinking about these 52 topics in the same mode, i need to find ways to incorporate other areas of my brain as well as finding new ways of expressing my feelings towards them.

Let’s see.

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I love showing my son old technology like dial phones, especially the ones with the rotary dialer. The first expression usually is one of total indifference. He simply lacks the context to make sense of what this weird thing is. Only once i start delivering context his expression gradually changes to something like diseblief and astonishment. I love these moments and i am pretty sure that he will have fun doing stuff like this with his kids later.

I wish i knew what these moments will be about. I hardly dare to guess, after seeing technology evolve as fast as it did in the past 30 years, i am pretty sure that a lot of them will be about technology as well. I’m pretty positive that a lot of them will be about social innovation as well. But there is one thing that i’m absolutely sure of. The one thing that will not exist in the public knowledge anymore -

the steeringwheel.


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Using the passing world as a canvas for introspection is very nice and rewarding, but moving all the quarks and electrons that make me up from one place to another through time is exhausting. There better be a good reason for the effort and in my view it’s nothing less than reinvention. It’s a tool for leaving your comfort zone in a planned and controlled way.

I feel that travelling needs to be done with sufficient time and openness for chance. Travelling in this sense becomes an opening to new variations of life. But it requires diving deep. Merely glancing at the surface of what you’re passing by does not give you the necessary feedback to feel out of place, the very notion that is uncomfortable and longed for at the same time - the manifestation of the New.

Travel a year ago

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Technology will save us. Or it will kill us. It’s pretty binary.

I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking and learning about what makes us humans different from technology in its purest form, a strong general ai with a body attached and i must say that i have not found much.

The only spaces i found for the human species lies in the ares that will be left untouched by technology simply because they are irrelevant to her. But it is hardly possible to say what will be relevant to technology. No matter what the fitness function is that we equip her with, she can alsways change it at will.

My hope is that technology and we will find a way of living together by playing out our indivdual strenghts. While machines are really good at being extremely precise and fast in movement and calculation, us humans are extremely good at assocative thinking.

Maybe our task in the future will be in

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It turns out that time only exists as a function of temperature change when looked at from the basic principles of physics. Looking at things from this perspective creates some nice imagery.

All of a sudden the world is full of opportunity for temperature change. Listening to music for example. The alternating compression of air creates pressure fluctuations and where there is pressure, there also is a difference in temperature between high and low pressure areas.

Maybe this is why music is important to us. Maybe this is why some people speak and speak without saying anything….just to make sure, time does not stop.

But that does not create a lot of heat, it’s lukewarm. I’d rather experience no time at all or a torrent of time with strong temperature differentials. That’s just how i love life.

Time a year ago

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There must be a better word for this. In my bubble almost noone considers work to be something you have to do, or you’re forced to, or something you don’t like. To the contrary.

But outside that bubble this still seems to be very different. People still work from nine to five as if they could switch themselves and their life off during the day and ignore any thought about work between five and nine.

I am looking forward to a time where the mundane, the dangerous, the boring, the repetitive, the mindless stuff many people call work can be outsourced to machines. To machines that are a lot better at this kind of work than any human could possibly get.

In this world each of us has one or more machines doing the work on their behalf and every human has the possibility - no, the obligation to explore what it means to be human to her full capacity. All the imperfections but also our

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